Coffee Service

Hotel Room
It can be the most subtle things that your guests remember about the place they stay that may bring them back time after time.  Twist Stir can offer your guests an extra amenity that makes them feel like they are pampered.  Twist Stir is the new mint on the pillow offering your guests flavor for their coffee.

If you have a restaurant, now you can offer the option of flavor with coffee, tea, or even alcoholic beverages. You can give them the option to select a premium beverage on your menu, and you will not only broaden their choices, but will be adding extra profit.

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Gift Shop
Do you have a gift shop?  Twist Stir is also available in a six pack for an impulse sale. Once your guests try their complimentary Twist Stir in the room, they can now purchase them.  A small table talker in each room can direct them to the gift shop to purchase their favorite flavor.

Let’s not stop there.  When your guests visit your lobby bar, you can offer Twist Stir to flavor their favorite nightcap.  You can save on purchasing multi bottles of flavored alcohol and simply use Twist Stir.  It can be incorporated into the cost of the drink for very little.

The New Mint on the Pillow