Twist Stir provides a revolutionary new way to flavor any hot or cold drink. Its proprietary formula gives you the taste of natural flavor, without all of the harmful additives or disappointing after tastes found in other flavoring products. Twist Stir will work in any liquid from hot tea to ice-cold lemonade or vodka, but don’t take our word for it, try one of our delicious flavors today.

Twist Stir is the world's
first natural stirrer that
delivers just flavor.

coffee cup with stick swoosh
Soda with Twist Stir
Heart Healthy

No Sugar, No Artificial Sweetener
No Carbs, No Calories

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QSR Magazine Cover April 2008
Fancy Food Magazine April 2008
Fresh Cup Magazine April 2008
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When Flavor is All You Want...
Than the Only Choice is Twist Stir

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Tea & Coffee March 2008